CouchDivers Demo V0.2

Week 2 of our second sprint has come to an end. In this sprint we have added some more objects to the game, and added some models for existing objects. The player received a new model and has some animations done. Unfortunately there's still no way to die, but we are working on it!

A full changelist for version 0.2:

  1. Normal obstacles now rotate randomly
  2. Plank obstacle received a model
  3. Plane Engine was added however this can't kill you yet
  4. First player model with idle and left attack animation added
  5. Player can now be stunned by some obstacles
  6. Normal obstacles will get deflected when colliding to a player making them fly away off the screen
  7. Blood splat particle effect added when hitting the plane engine

Here are some GIF's to show off what we have added so far





Obstacles flying away when hitting the player:

Obstacle Collision

Obstacles that stun the player:

Player Stun

Plane engine with blood splatter WIP:

Plane Engine

For next week, our final week of the sprint, we will finally add ways to die, as well as knockback increasing through damage. And off course our other mechanics we had planned for this sprint, like pick-ups and random events.


CouchDivers Demo V0.2.rar 13 MB
Mar 21, 2018

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