Couch Divers V0.3

As our second sprint has come to an end, we worked hard to finish the features we still had planned for it. The game received some more "character" to it, and colors.

Here is a full changelist for for V0.3:

  1. Pickup system added
  2. Glove pickup added
  3. Shield pickup added
  4. Ring added
  5. Thunder pickup added
  6. New debris like cars, cows, rocks etc
  7. You can now die when leaving the play area
  8. The plane engine can now kill you
  9. All player animations have been added
  10. Player damage was added that increases knockback when punched
  11. Grab attack added
  12. Spam to break free from grab attack added
  13. Added tornado effect

For next sprint we still have some planned features to get done, but this is our last development sprint before we enter the polishing sprint. We will be working on the menus for the game, as well as adding in the other 3 characters and giving them some colors.


CouchDivers Demo V0.3.rar 17 MB
Mar 27, 2018

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