Couch Divers V0.4 Now Available!

Hello there!

It has been a while since we've uploaded a new build to the itch page, but now that we are back it is time to continue the development of our game, Couch Divers! The latest build contains some visual improvements, as well as some visual effects and controller vibrations!


Here is a full changelist with more detail about what has been added/changed/removed in the latest build:

  1. Pickups will highlight with a red glow when they are able to be picked up
  2. Activating the thunder pickup will strike all players with a WIP lightning strike
  3. When a player gets stunned, it triggers vibrations for his/her controller
  4. When a player dies, it triggers vibrations for his/her controller
  5. Pickups now rotate as if they were obstacles, but alot slower and won't fly off/get a random rotation when they hit the player
  6. The ring/donut now rotates and shakes a bit
  7. Rock obstacle now fully textured and rotates like all other obstacles
  8. There is now a landscape in the background instead of a blue sky

Some GIF's

Donut animations

Lightning when using thunder pickup WIP

Glow when pickup is available to be picked up

Plans for next week

For next week we are planning to add more and improve our existing visual effects. We are also planning on improving some of the controlls, and adding in a menu. Our main focus for this week will be improvements to visuals.

Known issue

Sometimes the wrong controller will vibrate, I am uncertain if this was only due to my setup as I'm using an emulator to emulate an XBOX controller, or if this actually is a bug.


CouchDivers Demo V0.4.rar 18 MB
Apr 09, 2018

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