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You are a creature made of light that can only exist and travel inside and through light itself.

Your task is to revive dead light sources that have been abandoned many years ago, by traveling through alive light sources. By fnding the right pattern that makes fully use of all available lights, your score gets maximized.

Light cannot travel through solid obstacles but can be reflected, use your environment to travel to your destination.

Lights of 2 different colours won't match, change color by passing through color crystals and invertors to reach lights in different colors.

Challenge yourself in up to 80 levels and try your best to get the ultimate victory! The Master Puzzler achievement!

Mechanics And Actors

- Travel mode
Travel to other lights by clicking on them with the mouse, wether or not you can reach the light depends on your current light's strength and color.

- Jump mode
Some environments will not allow you to travel to lights directly, for these situations you can shoot yourself towards a reflector or worm hole, to reach your destination. But beware, as you cannot survive in the dark void. If you can't reach your target, you will explode.

- Start Light
Same as a normal light but you always start here, your starting color is equal to this starting light. These are counted towards your end score.

- Normal Lights
Static basic lights with an allowed travel distance and a certain color. These are counted towards your end score.

- Dead Lights
Static basic lights that have to be revived by traveling to it. When all dead lights are revived the level finishes. These are counted towards your end score, unless they have a range of 1 unit (64 pixels).

- Color Crystals
Changes your current color when traveling through it, thus allowing you to travel to lights of other colors. These are not counted towards your end score.

- Worm Holes
When traveled trough they come out at a linked Worm Hole. These are not counted towards your end score.

- Black Holes
When getting near, the player will be sucked in and when you reach the center, you die.

- Dying Light
Once traveled to, they start dying out slowly, meaning their brightness will slowly reduce, and travel distance will become smaller. When this light completely dies out, you go with it, and you start over. These are not counted towards your end score.

- Rewinding Time
Everyone makes mistakes every now and then, and there's no doubt you will make a lot in Vector Light, but don't worry, there is a solution to this! You can rewind time by pressing right mouse button. This will send you back to the light before your current light, breaking their connection and resetting their strength.


You are also rewarded stars for each level you play, the correcter the pattern, the more stars rewarded. These stars unlock more levels, some shinies, fun effects, sounds/music and achievements! Customize your playing experience in the customisations menu.

Used Music


Install instructions

Run the downloaded installer and follow the on-screen instructions. Your old installation of Vector Light should be discarded when installing to that same location.


Vector Light x86 v1.1 Installer.exe 28 MB

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Ehm... no? What anti-virus are you using? Most anti-virusses use a predefined list of trusted programs and files, if the program/file is not in that list it will complain and not even bother to scan it. I recommend you scan it manually because I can assure you it is completely virus free.

@robinc that's not how antiviruses work.

@derpninja23 you can always check on virustotal. I did check and there is no virus.